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My name is Meryl Hargreaves and I have a private practice offering person centred counselling for adults and couples. I am the only person working as Kingfisher Counselling, Hucclecote, Gloucester who collects or processes your data. I collect and store personal data to enable me to provide an appropriate counselling service best suited for you and comply with legal and professional requirements. This Privacy Policy outlines how the data is used.

What information do I collect and store?

I will collect the following information to contact you to arrange appointments and for identification purposes if I need to speak to your GP or other people at your request. Employer Assistance Providers, private healthcare providers or others paying for your counselling share information based on your prior agreement with them:
Name                      Date of Birth                  Age               Gender Address            Email with permission to contact you            Texts to my dedicated work mobile         Telephone numbers – mobile or landline as provided by you

Client records include my counselling notes giving a session summary together with agreed evidence of activities completed in sessions. It may include notes from any relevant telephone calls. The CORE34 from assessment is only used in written format and coded.

Doctor’s name and phone number
Medical conditions relevant to counselling Prescribed medication

All notes and written information is stored behind a locked door in a locked filing cabinet only identified by a client code. Personal identifiable data is stored and locked away separately from client notes. Electronic data (phone and laptop) are stored in password protected machines for my exclusive use. The lawful basis for data collection is contract and legal requirements.
My website is GDPR compliant and enquiry details are deleted once information has been transferred to client records. Enquiries that do not become clients are deleted.

Contact sheet
CORE form in a written format only and not shared or stored electronically
Counselling agreement
Brief session notes including the initial assessment
GDPR privacy agreement
Client code to identify and link information

Email correspondence including website contact form
“As I am currently using Yahoo Mail, it is recommended that e-mail is only used for booking and confirming appointments rather than including any personal information. My account with Yahoo Mail may remember your e-mail address.”
Mobile phone number and texts

I will not share information about you except when there is risk to your health and well-being or I have a legal requirement to do so. This will include the following:
• In a medical emergency it may be necessary to share your contact information with other professionals and emergency healthcare services. This would also apply should you indicate that you intend to harm yourself.
• I am legally required to inform the appropriate authorities if you are involved in certain illegal activities, including money laundering for drug use and acts of terrorism, without seeking your permission.
• A court can require me to share your data.
• If you pay by bank transfer or cheque only the information necessary for the bank to process the payment is required. The bank has a privacy policy too.
• In the event of my death my records will be available to one named individual who will contact current clients and that person will destroy any records I hold whilst maintaining confidentiality.

Information kept electronically on my phone or laptop (currently using yahoo) is deleted within three months after you end your counselling. Initial enquiries from the website are deleted from the server within one week of counselling commencing. Any email information relevant to your notes is printed and kept with your written records without personal identifying information.
Phone numbers and texts kept on my personal dedicated work phone will be deleted within three months after you end your counselling.
I am required by my insurers to keep your written records for 6 years following the end of counselling after which it will be shredded and destroyed.

You have the right to
• be informed about the collection and use of your personal data (This document)
• see the information I hold about you (Free of charge following written request)
• have any incomplete or incorrect information rectified at your request
• have your personal data erased. However this only applies in certain circumstances and I can decline in some circumstances if this is requested
• data portability
• object to my data processing of your information.
You can exercise your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 either verbally, or in writing, and I will respond within 30 days.
If you are not happy with the use of your personal data you have the right to complain to the ICO (the Information Commissioner’s Office) 0303 123 1113